Corporate Services

Cyprus Companies have been widely used in international Tax planning over the last 20 years.

As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus offers a secure, well-regulated financial environment for international clients to incorporate Companies to safely hold their assets or trade Internationally.

You can see below areas that we can assist you with in order to setup your company in Cyprus.

What we offer

Company Formation

  • We incorporate Cyprus Companies from scratch within less than 5 business days.

Registered Office

  • We can make available a Cyprus registered office which will be used as the permanent address of the Cyprus incorporated Company.

Registration of trademarks

  • We arrange for the registration of trademarks and trade names.

Preparation and Review of Agreements

  • We prepare and review agreements for compliance with the Cyprus Legislation.
  • We arrange for execution, legislation and certification of documents.

VAT Registration

  • Cyprus being an EU member state has implemented the VAT Law which currently is at 19% (standard rate). We are able to advise on taxable cross-border transactions and subsequently assist with VAT registration in Cyprus if required.

Accounting and Auditing

  • It is mandatory under Cyprus law that audited financial statements for a Cyprus Company are filed on an annual basis by a local and approved auditor. Our accounting and audit approach is sufficiently flexible to the specific circumstances of each client.

Opening and Operation of Bank Accounts

  • We guarantee bank account opening for Companies administered by our office.
  • We can monitor corporate bank accounts and process bank instructions promptly on receipt of the necessary due diligence required by the banks.

Company Secretarial Services

  • We can arrange for the appointment of an individual or a Company secretary for the Cyprus Company once incorporated. As a result, offering accurate and timely Company filings to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies and Cyprus Tax Office.
  • We arrange for maintenance and safekeeping of statutory records and registers.
  • We arrange for the preparation of board minutes for the Annual General Meeting.

Services offered by our trusted partners

Director Services

  • Our trusted partners can arrange for the appointment of professional Cyprus resident directors for the Cyprus Companies.
  • With Cyprus resident directors a Company will be able to benefit from Cyprus’ fiscal regimes, as well as to seek advantages under double taxation treaty provisions, where residence and place of effective management are key.

Trustee Services

  • Our trusted partners can arrange for the formation and management of Cyprus and foreign Trusts.
  • Our trusted partners can arrange for the appointment of trustees for every type of trusts.
  • Our trusted partners can arrange for nominee appointments for private individuals and investments.

Nominee Shareholder Facilities

  • Our trusted partners can arrange for the appointment of corporate nominee shareholders to hold shares on behalf of individuals, Companies or Trusts, in order to preserve a degree of confidentiality.

Mail Forwarding & Website Creation

  • All electronic and paper correspondence is treated with the strictest confidentiality and forwarded to the client unless agreed otherwise.
  • We arrange for Branding & Website Creation for Cyprus Registered Companies thereby enhancing their local presence and substance.